My Morning Skin Care Routine

A lot of people had been asking me about my skin care routine. This is MY MORNING SKIN CARE ROUTINE. I have also included some explanation regarding the proper layering of skin treatments. BTW, I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten to include my eye cream, which is from PONDS.

z2This is my simple, yet consistent MORNING SKINCARE ROUTINE, which keeps my skin,soft and supple, as well as youthful for my age. 

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Stay Frugalicious Y’all!


“The Frugalicious Pinay’s UNIPAK Giveaway Mechanics”


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Stay Frugalicious Y’all!


Battle of the Best: BIORE vs SIMPLE Makeup Wipes

This is the ultimate in makeup wipes. The battle of the best; BIORE, the #1 makeup wipes in Japan, VERSUS SIMPLE, the #1 makeup wipes in United Kingdom. Who will be the champion?

They are both the flagship products in their respective countries. Both are value for money and both cleans off makeup efficiently, quickly and thoroughly. 

SIMPLE, the number one makeup remover in United Kingdom is quite big. It has no scent, oil or alcohol. Also, the texture of the material is quite soft, so it’s not abrasive on the skin. 

On the other hand, BIORE is the number one makeup remover in Japan. It has a very subtle and refreshing fruity scent. It it has oil on it and I couldn’t really say anything more about the product besides the one from the freebie pamphlet because the information is all in Japanese. You would think with the globalisation and all, they will provide a different package for foreign countries? But, no. 

The texture of the material is also soft, but in a different kind altogether compared to the SIMPLE. Also, a BIORE wipe is almost half the size compared to a piece of SIMPLE.

Does size matter? We’ll see.

Both did their jobs spectacularly well until my face was squeaky clean. The real test these products came in when it was time to erase my stubborn HOLIKA HOLIKA waterproof eyeliner for my tight line as well as the MAYBELLINE Hyper curl mascara.

Please watch my YOUTUBE video to see the result.

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Star Magic Ball’s DARK RED LIPPIE for Cheap


If you want to learn one of the much hyped dark red lip look from the Star Magic Ball for half the price, check this out!  

Also, this look will come in handy because of the upcoming Halloween!

All you have to do is to intensify it with the lip liner and further darken in different places and VOILA! You saved yourself some money from buying another dark red lipstick!


PAK na PAK basta UNIPAK!

We have reached that time in history when we have the biggest number of working women in society.  Gone were the days we were designated in domesticity, and yet it seems like domesticity catches us from time to time.

Ever been working to the bone, and yet, you still have to attend to your domestic chores at home. Meals are of utmost importance when it comes to keeping a home to sustain the family’s health and welfare.
Thank God for my mother who manages the household cooking for our home, since me and my husband are both working non-stop! So, it’s a funny scenario when she goes to church and I am left to fend for ourselves, so as not to ‘starve’ while nanay is doing her church duties.
I’ve often resorted to fried food, or the marinated ones, since they’re the easiest to prepare. Sometimes, I’d try out different sardines and Mackerel brands thinking that they are better since they are more expensive than the UNIPAK. But I’ve learned the hard way that it is either you are prepared to really pay for more or find out that ‘HINDI BASTA NAKASANAYAN, THE BEST NA YAN.” You still have to search for the BEST DEAL and I found that in UNIPAK. 

Besides, my husband has a habit of not saying anything until the last minute he’s very hungry and that’s when he gets very persistent. This is the reason, why I have learned my Lola Puring’s tried and tested recipe using UNIPAK Mackerel in Oil. I want to share the recipe to you.
1/4 cloves of garlic
1 onion
1 thumb-sized ginger
1 sayote or any bland vegetable of choice
1 small vermicelli noodles pack
1 tablespoon of vinegar
1 cup of water
salt and pepper to taste

1. Saute ginger, garlic and onion.
2. Add the sayote
3. pour 2 small pack of UNIPAK Mackerel in Oil. Do not stir for the meat to maintain it’s shape.
3. Get some water and fill the 2 UNIPAK cans or if you like, 1 cup of water will do.
4. Let it boil a while and when it does, pour the 1 TBSP vinegar. Do no stir and let the alcohol in vinegar cook.
5. Wait for the sayote to be cooked. 
6. When it is already soft to bite, add the vermicelli noodles.
7. Salt and Pepper to taste and VOILA~! 

This will make a fast, affordable and easy on-the-go meal for your family, everyone is going to love it. KAYA BASTA MACKEREL, DAPAT TATAK UNIPAK! This is one of the recipes my grandmother raised her children in and now my mother and aunt’s are passing it on to us to pass on to our children.
Mother’s knows best. I miss Lola Puring, and yet, I can still taste her cooking with UNIPAK.
So for me, talagang PAK NA PAK BASTA UNIPAK!
#tatakunip #paknapak #unipak