FYI for Hotel Pool Newbies

This is in continuation of our BALI ON A BUDGET series. We are already in day 2. We started out the day with our complementary hotel breakfast. After some time, we’ve decided to see the Grand Inna Kuta’s Sunken Pool Bar.

Then we went swimming in the SUNKEN POOL  and saw the SUNKEN BAR in the Bali Wing of Grand Inna. Too bad, we were not able to see the BEACH ACCESS POOL, nor swam at the KEPALA POOL which is the one in front of our hotel window. LOL! 

Too much to do with too little time.

You can check out our YOUTUBE VIDEO about this trip to the Grand Inna Kuta’s Sunken Bar.

So, what can we learn from this experience?

FYI for Hotel Pool Newbies;

1. You don’t have to bring towels along. It is provided for free at the pool area.

2. You don’t have to bring your wallet along because, you’ll only just have to sign up for your bar purchases. They in turn will charge it in your room for the duration of your stay. You’ll settle the bill when you check-out.

Other hotels have charge bracelets, so they can just scan your orders anywhere in the facility. But as for the Sunken Pool bar, for some reason, we needed a wallet and paid for our purchase upfront. What a bummer!

3. Use proper swimwear.  Too much modesty is frowned upon and is considered non-hygienic for most. So keep your t-shirt and long shorts for beaches at home.

4. Take selfies in moderation and be mindful of the ones behind you, specially if they are in a bikini. Not everyone wants to be filmed nor photgraphed while not being in their best light.

5. Be careful about tile cuts. Just in case you encounter one, do not hesitate to approach the lifeguard for the first aid kit.

Thanks for watching guys and remember;

“Live the sweet life,

without taking out the smart in it.”


Stay Frugalicious Y’all!!!


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