Our 20-Dollar Harris Hotel Room in Kuta, Bali

The Harris Hotel in Raya Kuta is a strategic location for those wanting to be near the Ngurai Rai International Airport in Bali, Indonesia. It’s a well equipped hotel with the basic amenities to keep you afloat and rest comfortably in Bali.

We stayed for an hours or so, just enough for us to eat and have some bubble tea.

Here’s our BUDGET MEAL IN BALI video;

But at the end of our meal, Bubbly Hubby decided to change hotels. Oh no! We are going to go hotel hopping? Well, that’s the thing. We are on a budget, and yet, he did not want to compromise our safety nor our comfort.

There’s nothing wrong about Harris Raya being nearer the airport that most local watering holes. We actually chose it for that specific reason.


Here’s our coverage of

the Hotel Harris Raya in Kuta Bali, Indonesia.

We only know things about Bali from what we’ve read and researched around the net. But that’s it. So, Bubbly wanted to be near the airport, for us to be in a better position for our departure back to the Philippines.

According to its website, we should

“discover the Cozy HARRIS In The Hip of Kuta! 10 minutes away from Ngurah Rai International Airport. 10 minutes to Mall Bali Galeria and to Legian Beach, the hotel is only 5 minutes to Kuta Beach & Kuta Square, to Krisna Oleh – Oleh and just few steps away to Joger Bali shop. 

HARRIS Raya Kuta is a perfect spot for leisure, shopping and business.”   

***Jl. Raya Kuta No. 83 E, Kuta – Badung, Bali, Indonesia l Phone: +62 361 763863 l Fax: +62 361 763867

Later on, and we agree on this, that the hotel is quite far away from everything else. For 1,000 pesos, we thought the Hotel Harris rocks! It’s clean, safe and equipped with German technology. The only thing you’ll miss for this price is swimming pool. By the way, we were able to obtain this room for booking ahead and grabbing a discounted price through AGODA.

If you wanna check out the pool back in GRAND INNA KUTA, here is our Youtube video.

You couldn’t ask for more, given the price of the room. But to be honest, the location was really disappointing, no matter how near it is to the airport.

We missed the vibe and energy of Grand Inna Kuta and the establishments around JL Pantay.


Youtube video;

We thought Raya is a bit unnerving for foreigners like us because when we walked around and it’s almost the afternoon, the place was almost empty.

You won’t see tourists around roaming for shopping or adventure near Harris Hotel Raya. It felt like being in Manilla, without the people around you so it was a bit eerie.

So our verdict is that no matter how much the hotel rocks for it’s rock bottom price, we don’t recommend first timers in Bali to stay there. You’ll need a taxi to go around and that’s not advisable nor practical, however cheap taxis in Bali are. It is quite far from the Kuta beach. Bummer!

Here is our KUTA BEACH FIRST IMPRESSION Youtube video;

Under and hour or two, we were out of there. With the use of AGODA, Bubbly Hubby booked a room and confirmed a reservation at ANGEL KUTA. That is our next destination for this blog.

So for those who are following the series, no matter how few you are…LOL! we thank you for reading this!


Stay Frugalicious Y’all!


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