Sick to a Healthy Glow Make-Up Tutorial with NICHIDO BB CREAM

Alas! Being sick and looking sick; coughing, sneezing and spreading germs around the office is STILL not a badge of honour in the workplace. 

Illness is something we camouflage, even if some of us work ourselves to death! So let’s check out how to mimic a healthy glow.

With the right products and tools, this is an easy feat for any career woman.

This is my “Sick to a Healthy Glow Make-Up Tutorial with NICHIDO BB CREAM”. We hope you can check out my MAKE UP TUTORIAL in YOUTUBE as well, on how to achieve that healthy glow, with drug store products.


Guys, I would like to apologise for mixing up the NICHIDO and the Fashion 21. I would like to clarify that I used NICHIDO BB CREAM EVERYDAY WEAR and it costs 283 pesos. I also used the FASHION 21 Ultimate Cover BB Cream + Concealer, only as a concealer to hide imperfections and scars on my face.  SPF 30 Shade 1 for mere 225 pesos. Thank you!