500 Pesos Makeup Challenge by Charie Clarin

This is my “500 Peso Makeup Challenge 2017 Edition”  I love this adult version of the  “FROZEN” look because you’ll simply sparkle at night, specially when you are in a beach! Look glamorous and fresh while having a relaxing time with family and friends.  Think about tie dye and Boracay! Think about the 100-Peso NICHIDO palette. You heard me, and BTW? I’m the Frugalicious Pinay.

The products I used were made by NICHIDO, a  Proudly Pinoy brand.  I love Nichido products because they are very affordable and prolific! Who hasn’t heard about their ever reliable chestnut eyeliner? Any self-respecting Pinay make-up enthusiast is going to have that one way or another in her make-up arsenal!

I was making fun of the their powdery palette in my YouTube video! But remember that their palette is not their only product. 

Here’s my YOUTUBE channel and I hope you can LIKE and SUBSCRIBE guys! It’s a bit humorous, but educational as well, so it’s worth a watch.

Come on, it’s a hundred-peso palette working hard and hopefully, you can just enjoy the ride for some good old fashioned fun. This palette after all was bargained in a BUY ONE  TAKE ONE PROMO along with the blue eyeliner, again, all for the shockingly low price of 100 PHP.

You better believe it. I could have easily paid a hundred just for the blue eyeliner alone, which happens to be a real quality product!

The long and short of it, like I’ve mentioned in the last part of the video, given such a budget, it is STILL possible to make a beautiful look out of it. As for the notoriously naughty fall outs, you’ll just have to prepare yourself, your clothes and your workstation for them.

Just READjust and you’ll be able to enjoy any ride! Pain-free.

With the proper application of technique and lots of patience here, you see that we can put some shockingly expensive make-up products to shame, since I was able to produce a decent look with a a budget friendly local palette.

Thank you for reading and remember;

Stay Frugalicious Y’all!

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