It’s another rainy Saturday, and yet there was no amount of rain  to dampen my encounter with the Philippines Master Fengh Shui expert, Master Hanz Cua! He is a prolific expert in the Paranormal and carries himself as dynamic and enchanting as the smiling Buddha. Visiting him at his shop is like meeting an old time friend.

Master Hanz had already graced the broadsheets of  The Philippine Daily Inquirer and Manila Bulletin. He’s a mainstay of “Umagang Kayganda” and a host in DZBB and DZMM. It seems like there is no end in his tireless efforts to enlighten the public with the practicality and luck brought about Feng Shui and in studying the art of divinity.  The Art of Feng Shui runs in his blood, because his father is also a Feng Shui expert.

Here’s one part of our farewells before going home. I will be posint a full video of our encounter the next day or Tuesday.

It was  quite easy to find his office, since his office in Cityland Shaw Tower is just right beside Edsa Shangrillah Pasig, Philippines, right at the corner of Shaw boulevard. Mega mall and the Shangrilah Mall could be wonderful detours after a check-up visit with the Master.

Upon entering his shop, you can immediately sense a feeling of lightness and freshness in the air. Amidst the glitters of that predominant gold and enticing red colours, is a soothing feeling of relaxation and belonging. Master Hanz volunteered to say that it was the byproduct of a well designed Feng Shui surrounding.

Also, there is a feeling of belonging, attributed to the the many crystals rooting us to a sense of of wellness and over all well being. There are no words enough to express, unless you sat in front of Master Hanz during a consultation. It would seem like your troubles will be lifted and some of the energy and dynamism from the Master’s aura can’t help but rub on you from across the table, during a safe and relaxing consultation.

During our most trying times, we just need someone to talk to and vent our emotions. Friends are always our best options, and yet there are experts in the field of over-all upliftment that only true experts can provide. Like his spiel in “Umagang Kayganda”, a daily morning show featuring his Feng Shui knowledge and Paranormal expertise, Master Hanz reminds us that readings and the art of Feng Shui are a mere guide in our lives. It is still up to us to fight our battles and make the right choices.

If knowledge is power, the 2000 year-old art of Feng Shui is a tried and tested sword and armour in this battle called life. Every time we open our eyes, we’ll have to make choices by choices until we’ve achieved even the tiniest sense of satisfaction that we’re actually in the exact place we want to be at the time. What if we’re not? What if we feel stuck and unable to move for fear of doing more harm than good. Then, consult an expert to help you with these life choices. 

This is where Master Hanz, the Philippines most renowned Feng Shui experts comes in to soothe the ruffles of your destiny and find the cure for the tiniest of heartaches and heartbreaks, choosing the proper real estate on which to build your home, finding the most auspicious time for your wedding or any special day,  to the bizarre house ghosts sucking up the life force of your home and wealth.

Let’s not hesitate to approach Master Hanz. His shop is filled with good luck charms to transform you in to a lucky, prosperous and a person with a sparkling personality.  There are also so many, priceless, prosperity treasures to enhance the energy and fruitfulness of your office and homes. For three thousand pesos for a tarot card reading, you’ll have a guide and sense of relief like I had after learning what life might have in store for me. Help is here and his name is Master Hanz.

Have you been working your head of and yet, nothing seems to happen to your life? You live the same purgatory with your meddlesome wife or good for nothing husband perhaps? What if you just need a bit of luck, the tiniest push to make that infatuation bloom to true love?


 Please meet Master Hanz. He’s the expert in life and love, with his natural abilities as a Psychic on his right and his prolific training in the art of Feng Shui on the left, topped with his great sense of humour and lightness of heart, despite all your problems and burdens, you’ll feel that FINALLY – you are in the right hands to foresee your propects to a promising tomorrow.

Thanks for reading guys and remember;

Stay Frugaliciuos Y’all!


Pink Sugar’s New and Improved 2017

PINK SUGAR unveiled it’s new and improved products recently and the vlogging community, can’t help oohing and aahing about their latest line. That’s why I am just thrilled to spread the world to all the beautiholics out there whose always on the look out for the right deal.

With their new products, PINK SUGAR, can truly save us money by presenting us with duo purpose products. We can opt to buying only the basics and because of it’s colour versatility, we’ll be able to stretch it a long way, without sacrificing style. 

I hope you can also check-out my UNBOXING video 


*photo owned by PINK SUGAR’S Instagram.

I only need the lip tint and eyeliner palette in my bag and I’m good to go. Maybe, I’ll sneak in a powder compact and a small blush brush and that’s it!  You can easily transform from a day to night look in a jiffy. Besides, what better else to guard your looks than their vitamin enriched formula!

Being frugal requires versatility and a lot of improvisation and PINK SUGAR can most certainly help you in this department, besides elevating your looks in the sweetest levels of delight.


Sugar Tint Lip & Cheek Tint

“Sugar and Spice”

349 PHP

Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color w/ Brush

“Cotton Candy”

499 PHP

Eye Candy Eyeshadow Quad

399 PHP

Besides the Pink Sugar, I will also tell you about my latest experience with LAZADA. 

Thank you for reading and remember…

Stay Frugalicious Y’all!