Pink Sugar’s New and Improved 2017

PINK SUGAR unveiled it’s new and improved products recently and the vlogging community, can’t help oohing and aahing about their latest line. That’s why I am just thrilled to spread the world to all the beautiholics out there whose always on the look out for the right deal.

With their new products, PINK SUGAR, can truly save us money by presenting us with duo purpose products. We can opt to buying only the basics and because of it’s colour versatility, we’ll be able to stretch it a long way, without sacrificing style. 

I hope you can also check-out my UNBOXING video 


*photo owned by PINK SUGAR’S Instagram.

I only need the lip tint and eyeliner palette in my bag and I’m good to go. Maybe, I’ll sneak in a powder compact and a small blush brush and that’s it!  You can easily transform from a day to night look in a jiffy. Besides, what better else to guard your looks than their vitamin enriched formula!

Being frugal requires versatility and a lot of improvisation and PINK SUGAR can most certainly help you in this department, besides elevating your looks in the sweetest levels of delight.


Sugar Tint Lip & Cheek Tint

“Sugar and Spice”

349 PHP

Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color w/ Brush

“Cotton Candy”

499 PHP

Eye Candy Eyeshadow Quad

399 PHP

Besides the Pink Sugar, I will also tell you about my latest experience with LAZADA. 

Thank you for reading and remember…

Stay Frugalicious Y’all!

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