First impression, Product Application and Review of HUMAN NATURE Products!

This is a first impression, application and review of HUMAN NATURE products; 100 % organic and proud Pinoy Made! To be honest with you, it’s just natural to be real with HUMAN NATURE. You’ll just won’t have the heart, not to get back for more.

Initially, I was able to sample their “Night Moisturiser with Jojoba and plant collagen”. I was surprised by the packaging thinking it was an imported brand the first time I laid my eyes on it. But when I tried the product right there at the grocery, I was simply amazed by the texture and scent! 

Here’s our YOUTUBE; 

Charie Clarin’s  video:

the Product Application and Review of 


At the time, I was hooked with Bath and Body Works..still is…and yet I thought this product was at par with the foreign brand. For a moment there, I was confused with the low price. Not kidding!

I already have many HUMAN NATURE products at home; their soaps, sanitises, oils, big lotions etc. But today, I’ll just enumerate all the products I utilized to make this product first impression, application and review.

This is the step-by-step process of my 

HUMAN NATURE Make-up Removal Routine

*pictures owned by the HUMAN NATURE 

A. Gentle Cleansing Oil for 199.75


B. As a facial scrub 

      = 100% Detoxfying Mask and Scrub for 299.75.*

C. As a facial mask

       = 100% Detoxfying Mask and Scrub for 299.75.*

D. Nourishing face toner for 99.75 


E. Night Moisturizer with Jojoba and plant collagen for 174.75.

*a dual purpose product

I already purchased their different oils, giving it away to family and friends while being specially proud of how the HUMAN NATURE conducts their business. 

The stellar Filipino company takes care of and gives back to the communities who provide them raw materials for their brand. This is their advocacy and everything about it is really inspiring!

We all love great, cheap, “community serving” companies and trendy stuff! This brand is a package all-in-one! To be honest with you, it’s just natural to be real with HUMAN NATURE. You’ll just won’t have the heart, not to get back for more.

Thanks for reading guys and remember;

“Stay Frugalicious Y’all!”


Sick to a Healthy Glow Make-Up Tutorial with NICHIDO BB CREAM

Alas! Being sick and looking sick; coughing, sneezing and spreading germs around the office is STILL not a badge of honour in the workplace. 

Illness is something we camouflage, even if some of us work ourselves to death! So let’s check out how to mimic a healthy glow.

With the right products and tools, this is an easy feat for any career woman.

This is my “Sick to a Healthy Glow Make-Up Tutorial with NICHIDO BB CREAM”. We hope you can check out my MAKE UP TUTORIAL in YOUTUBE as well, on how to achieve that healthy glow, with drug store products.


Guys, I would like to apologise for mixing up the NICHIDO and the Fashion 21. I would like to clarify that I used NICHIDO BB CREAM EVERYDAY WEAR and it costs 283 pesos. I also used the FASHION 21 Ultimate Cover BB Cream + Concealer, only as a concealer to hide imperfections and scars on my face.  SPF 30 Shade 1 for mere 225 pesos. Thank you!


Kuta Angel Bali Hotel

We instantly booked a room at Kuta Angel Bali Hotel from AGODA  for only 3,127.16 pesos for 2 days. With breakfast, that’s only 1,564 including taxes! Plus, we received a FREE UPGRADE from a Deluxe Room to a SUITE! Our room in BALI was what they call the JUNIOR SUITE DIAMOND. That was a really lucky trip and we’d do it again!

What! You went HOTEL HOPPING in Bali, Indonesia? You must be surprised. After all, this is our BALI ON A BUDGET series. But no harm done! 

Here’s our YOUTUBE Video 

to show you our stay at 

KUTA ANGEL BALI!  What a trip!

At the time we were thinking, we changed rooms all for the sake of safety, and it’s not everyday we experience hotel luxury, so from our point of view; “it’s as good as it gets!” Come on! It’s a foreign hotel for 1, 500 pesos – with breakfast! Lighten up people LOL! Kidding! Not kidding.

As I was saying, we had a hearty breakfast. The buffet was not as big as in GRAND INNA KUTA, and the guests not as many. What’s wrong with that! It was still a decent buffet and we had more than our fill! 

Enjoyed people watching. You’ll just have to stay in it’s bar downstairs and you’ll be settled to do some serious multi-cultural people watching on the streets of Pantai Kuta.

It was a stone throw away from KUTA BEACH.

*google maps

There’s a bathtub to soothe the aches and pains. And when you’ve experienced walking in Bali, that’s when you’ll understand the importance of a good soak. Like, for real!

It’s near souvenir shopping since it’s located at the heart of Bali in PANTAI KUTA.

It has a swimming pool! Bali is not a big place, so it’s always a nice touch for certain hotels to have their own pools.

Who would have thought we’d meet a lot of frogs here in KUTA ANGEL? They have this mural and it just reminded us of our Naruto favourite. Bubbly Hubby even had a blast shooting a SUMMONING JUTSU footage! 

*picture owned by Fear-World. Thanks!

But sorry, guys, he said it’s just for the family archives. Bummer!

So I want to tell you, a vacation is a vacation. No one is going to drop dead if you were not able to follow what’s on your itinerary.  There’s no competition – unless you are actually in one – so chill out! Having a schedule helps, but don’t let it spoil the fun. 

Adventure is right on every corner and be happy to take the ride wherever it may take you. Just be smart enough to know that detours are what makes our experiences special and unforgettable! 

At times, even inconvenient, it helps us grow as well. So buckle up and enjoy the ride!


Stay Frugalicious Y’all!


Our 20-Dollar Harris Hotel Room in Kuta, Bali

The Harris Hotel in Raya Kuta is a strategic location for those wanting to be near the Ngurai Rai International Airport in Bali, Indonesia. It’s a well equipped hotel with the basic amenities to keep you afloat and rest comfortably in Bali.

We stayed for an hours or so, just enough for us to eat and have some bubble tea.

Here’s our BUDGET MEAL IN BALI video;

But at the end of our meal, Bubbly Hubby decided to change hotels. Oh no! We are going to go hotel hopping? Well, that’s the thing. We are on a budget, and yet, he did not want to compromise our safety nor our comfort.

There’s nothing wrong about Harris Raya being nearer the airport that most local watering holes. We actually chose it for that specific reason.


Here’s our coverage of

the Hotel Harris Raya in Kuta Bali, Indonesia.

We only know things about Bali from what we’ve read and researched around the net. But that’s it. So, Bubbly wanted to be near the airport, for us to be in a better position for our departure back to the Philippines.

According to its website, we should

“discover the Cozy HARRIS In The Hip of Kuta! 10 minutes away from Ngurah Rai International Airport. 10 minutes to Mall Bali Galeria and to Legian Beach, the hotel is only 5 minutes to Kuta Beach & Kuta Square, to Krisna Oleh – Oleh and just few steps away to Joger Bali shop. 

HARRIS Raya Kuta is a perfect spot for leisure, shopping and business.”   

***Jl. Raya Kuta No. 83 E, Kuta – Badung, Bali, Indonesia l Phone: +62 361 763863 l Fax: +62 361 763867

Later on, and we agree on this, that the hotel is quite far away from everything else. For 1,000 pesos, we thought the Hotel Harris rocks! It’s clean, safe and equipped with German technology. The only thing you’ll miss for this price is swimming pool. By the way, we were able to obtain this room for booking ahead and grabbing a discounted price through AGODA.

If you wanna check out the pool back in GRAND INNA KUTA, here is our Youtube video.

You couldn’t ask for more, given the price of the room. But to be honest, the location was really disappointing, no matter how near it is to the airport.

We missed the vibe and energy of Grand Inna Kuta and the establishments around JL Pantay.


Youtube video;

We thought Raya is a bit unnerving for foreigners like us because when we walked around and it’s almost the afternoon, the place was almost empty.

You won’t see tourists around roaming for shopping or adventure near Harris Hotel Raya. It felt like being in Manilla, without the people around you so it was a bit eerie.

So our verdict is that no matter how much the hotel rocks for it’s rock bottom price, we don’t recommend first timers in Bali to stay there. You’ll need a taxi to go around and that’s not advisable nor practical, however cheap taxis in Bali are. It is quite far from the Kuta beach. Bummer!

Here is our KUTA BEACH FIRST IMPRESSION Youtube video;

Under and hour or two, we were out of there. With the use of AGODA, Bubbly Hubby booked a room and confirmed a reservation at ANGEL KUTA. That is our next destination for this blog.

So for those who are following the series, no matter how few you are…LOL! we thank you for reading this!


Stay Frugalicious Y’all!


FYI for Hotel Pool Newbies

This is in continuation of our BALI ON A BUDGET series. We are already in day 2. We started out the day with our complementary hotel breakfast. After some time, we’ve decided to see the Grand Inna Kuta’s Sunken Pool Bar.

Then we went swimming in the SUNKEN POOL  and saw the SUNKEN BAR in the Bali Wing of Grand Inna. Too bad, we were not able to see the BEACH ACCESS POOL, nor swam at the KEPALA POOL which is the one in front of our hotel window. LOL! 

Too much to do with too little time.

You can check out our YOUTUBE VIDEO about this trip to the Grand Inna Kuta’s Sunken Bar.

So, what can we learn from this experience?

FYI for Hotel Pool Newbies;

1. You don’t have to bring towels along. It is provided for free at the pool area.

2. You don’t have to bring your wallet along because, you’ll only just have to sign up for your bar purchases. They in turn will charge it in your room for the duration of your stay. You’ll settle the bill when you check-out.

Other hotels have charge bracelets, so they can just scan your orders anywhere in the facility. But as for the Sunken Pool bar, for some reason, we needed a wallet and paid for our purchase upfront. What a bummer!

3. Use proper swimwear.  Too much modesty is frowned upon and is considered non-hygienic for most. So keep your t-shirt and long shorts for beaches at home.

4. Take selfies in moderation and be mindful of the ones behind you, specially if they are in a bikini. Not everyone wants to be filmed nor photgraphed while not being in their best light.

5. Be careful about tile cuts. Just in case you encounter one, do not hesitate to approach the lifeguard for the first aid kit.

Thanks for watching guys and remember;

“Live the sweet life,

without taking out the smart in it.”


Stay Frugalicious Y’all!!!


How to Be Streetmart on a Trip

Bubbly hubby and I were getting familiarised to the streets of Kuta, Bali, while looking for a hot meal. We had our lunch at the TREE HOUSE in Poppies St. Later on, we arrived by accident at the BEACHWALK SHOPPING CENTER

But we were up to it and continued walking the lenght of JL Raya to Pantai Kuta.  It was a long walk, so even if we were sightseeing, Bubbly Hubby and I were vigilant about the people and situation. One can not be too careful, specially in an ‘uncharted territory’.

Whew!!! Had to burn those nasi goreng and pizza! It was quite a walk, but a lot of fun, just the same.

Just in case you’d like to see our WALK IN THE STREETS OF BALI Youtube video, check it out here! Hope you can like and subscribe as well. Thanks!

So, what kind of smarts did we apply on our first time to walk the streets of Bali? Or anywhere in the world for that matter.



having the experience and knowledge necessary to deal with the potential difficulties or dangers of life in an urban environment.

*from google

A person who has alot of common sense and knows what’s going on in the world. 

*excerpt from the urbandictionary

Tips for Street smarts:

1. Wear sunscreen every time you go out of the sun. You’ll have to re-apply it every 2 to 3 hours or whenever your face and body got wet either from swimming or perspiration.

2. Walk ahead facing the traffic. This is the “boy scout’s way”.

3. Have some extra cash stashed away somewhere in your body besides your wallet or purse.

4. Make sure you have the number of your hotel, a police hotline and a small list of emergency numbers from home you can call, just in case of trouble, emergency or lost wallet.

5. Drink mineral water only to avoid stomach flu while on vacation. This also means not having ice on your drinks. 

(We had it because we’re used to the water in the Philippines. My bad! I know!)

6. Try to either wear a hat or shades to protect yourself from the blazing sun of Bali. But if you do wear a hat like mine, people are going to turn around and think you’re NOT cool! It’s like you are avoiding to get tanned. For most, that’s the main reason why they’re under the sun; to have that sought after bronzed look after a well paid vacation. LOL! 

7. From your first day, be on a lookout for souvenirs already, but NEVER buy it until your last day.  This way you can plan what to buy from whom, haggle properly and get the best deals because you’ve already surveyed the shopping area.

8. Wear sensible footwear. Or else, you are going to regret the rest of the trip. 

9. Do as the locals do.  Try to blend in with the crowd, to protect yourself from predatory people.

10. Be vigilant at all times. After all, even on a trip, you are still in an unfamiliar territory.  Try to get the balance in the situation and you’ll have lotsa fun memories to share at home. 

Good luck!

Hope you enjoyed this. Thanks for watching!

And remember;

Stay Frugalicious Y’all!